Marurun and the 4 bears took a stroll around Waikiki Beach Walk
Hi! I’m Marurun and welcome to my travel blog, The Maruruns’ Fun Travels. I’m glad you took the time to visit our site.

The Maruruns really love travelling and watching animals, but even though we’ve travelled a lot, this blog has just been started from September 2017.

I’d like to share with you useful travel tips, photographs, episodes and information about hotels, restaurants, cultures, activities and animals from our enjoyable trips. So, I would be very happy if you could find some information to help you decide where to go on your next experience.

By the way, there are 2 persons( Jay, my husband, and me) and the 4 cutest teddy bears in The Maruruns.

Actually, I’d like to take the bears to our destinations but they are always sitting at home. The reason is that I’m very worried that they might get lost, kidnapped, or confiscated due to a misunderstanding at the airport or other place.

However, we are OK because our hearts will always be travelling together, so they will sometimes appear in some photos or video clips. please enjoy them! These photos and video clips of the teddy bears will be appearing in our composite photography.

Each of our profiles is as follows:

Marurun & Jay

Marurun & Jay
We are married Japanese couple who live in Osaka, Japan. Our travel style is to try and stay at a luxurious hotel, and travel business class as much as possible, even though it’ll cost quite a bit of money. We’d like to take an extraordinary amount of time for healing. We think that the feeling of satisfaction we can get from it is priceless.

Then, we spend our time relaxing at the poolside of the hotel and have a fantastic dinner, after we enjoy the local zoo, cycling, world heritage sites, local food, nature, and culture, etc. Besides, another big pleasure is an encounter with local people while travelling.

And then, our site is a multilingual blog in English and Japanese, though Maruruns’ English is not quite there yet, so it’s quite a big challenge for me. I often ask advice from Rick, my English teacher. Thank you Rick! You can see his profile to the following link. ⇒ www.englishallways.com

However, most of the other pages are translated by Marurun, so please let me know kindly from the contact page if you find any wrong or weird sentences. That will be a big help to make my English improve!

🍀 The teddy bears’ profiles are based on the characters appearing in Maruruns’ dream which are almost nonfictional. They are always walking on two legs and talking to me in my dreams. So, I feel something like a miraculous power and relationships among us.



She is the Maruruns’ daughter, and she and Chatcha who is introduced next are wonder twins of a polar and a brown bear. She is a very steady, smart and pretty bear, and her smile is wonderful. Besides, I think she has the power to heal us like dolphins. But actually, she transforms herself into an excessively scary bear when she gets mad, because she is a polar bear, the strongest type of bear on earth! 😱



He is the Maruruns’ son, a cute brown bear, and he came to the Maruruns with his twin sister Shirochan in 2006. He is a such a baby and a big eater, especially partial to pancakes and honey. Then, he can’t help respecting Kunu, his son, and he can get along with everyone or everything! I’ve heard from him his best friend is an acorn. What a cute dad!😳



He is the son of shirochan and Chatcha, a cute hybrid white bear boy and he has muscules like a brown bear. He is honest, faithful, and has a sense of justice. And, he has a high tone and cute voice like a bird though he is rough-spoken in the Osaka dialect. Also, he always boasts that he is taller than Mt. Everest, so I never ever say how many centimeters his height is, it’s a top secret!😅



She is Kunu’s twin sister, a white hybrid bear. For some reason she went on a wandering journey alone, and several years later, she appeared in Marurun’s dream. Suddenly she asked me to come pick her up in Los Angeles, and she gave me some keywords and images of the place where she was located. So, Jay and I actually went to Los Angeles to find Nanu, and managed to take her home safely. This part is a true story that is unforgettable and really miraculous for us. Anyway, she is cheerful and carefree, a happy go lucky bear, and also a pretty, fashionable bear girl!😊


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