Marurun & Jay enjoyed an in-flight meal at Delta One
Our travel behavior is staying and relaxing at a luxurious hotel, having delicious dishes at a nice restaurant, visiting world heritage sites or other sightseeing spots, trying adventure and culture activities, etc. I think most of our travel behaviors are suitable for many types of travelers, such as families with kids, honeymooners and retirees.

We prefer travelling by ourselves than travelling with groups but we are not really good at travelling without making any plans, so we usually book airline tickets and a hotel more than half a year in advance. Once we’ve booked, we gather the a lot of the latest information from review sites like TripAdviser or travel blogs and then plan an itinerary to spend our time effectively. We also book restaurants in advance. We always enjoy this time for making plans because we feel as if we are travelling and get excited. Besides, you can get a discount for both airline tickets and a hotel room if you book as early as possible, so it’s a big advantage!

And, as for the means for the local transportation, we always take a taxi, a limousine service, or train instead of renting a car to avoid dangers. Through these experiences, we can send you useful travel tips, for example, how to get airline tickets and a hotel room at a better price, how much is the taxi fare, how to buy a train ticket and where transfers are at, etc.

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